Monday, February 25, 2008

Naughty Monkey...

I keep finding Naughty Monkey shoes that I love!

Their styles are so fun and refreshing! Look at this darling shabby chic style shoe pump:

And then there is this adorable 'Bettie' pump. Look at the button detail! SO CUTE!!!

Nordstrom has this 'Colorful Talk' number as part of their Spring A-List:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Its almost time to expose your toes!
That means you'd better get stocked up on the hottest nail color for 2008: NAVY BLUE!

Used on the Chanel runway show, Blue Satin is sold out in many stores already. If you want it this year, get yourself on a waiting list now--or if you must have it this instant, it's selling for upwards of three times the counter price on Ebay.

OPI sells a more affordable, albeit less coveted shade called Russian Navy.

Barry M and Zoya both offer a similar shade as well.

I can't wait to wear this with a strappy red sandal--or maybe a bright yellow patent sandal like Via Spiga's "Baffle":

Get yourself a bottle, and go try on some spring sandals in anticipation for the season!

YSL "Kelly Mirabelle"

It's not often that a shoe is both classic and futuristic.

This baby combines all the elements of a classically sexy ankle-strap pump with the lines of a 23rd century space station. In a world where black pumps are a dime a dozen, it takes something really stellar to stand out from the crowd.

It is exactly the type of shoe that could take any off-the-rack black dress and turn it in to red-carpet wear.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What is it about a new pair of shoes?

There's magic in a 12"x6" box. Addicting magic.

Most women buy shoes en masse but we only wear a few pair on a regular basis. Those are the "every day" shoes. We don't care if they get dirty, or spilled on, or stolen. They don't stand out, and they don't impress. We wear them for comfort, or utility.

But our "real" shoes are locked away from bright light and humidity, awaiting the moment when they are called upon to show the world who we really are. They are the shoes we spend $50 on a pedicure to wear, and that we are willing to sacrifice our cappuccino budgets for. We wear them in anticipation of appreciative gasps from other women and appreciative stares from men.

They don't have to match anything we own. A good pair of shoes is worth buying an outfit to go with. We don't buy them because they are comfortable. We buy them because they are extraordinary--above and beyond the "every day".

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Then you're a sole sister, too.